Here is what some of our former students and their parents are saying about our program.



Gabby’s select team is playing in the Leaside Girls tournament , won both games today, finished 2-2 waiting to find out if we make quarter finals Oh and Gabby had 2 goals nd 1A in the second game today, got called out to centre ice at the end of the game to get the Player of the Game Puck 🙂 pretty cool stuff for her and obviously Wanda and I.


Just wanted to update you on Alex’s hockey season so far.

She has one of the same coaches as last year and they are blown away at her improvement. We are happy to say that she went from a beginner skater last year to being one of the fastest left wingers. On this past Saturday alone, she had 4 puck rushes/breakaways in one game alone. Now, if she can only apply that and score, it would be awesome. I am sure that will come with practice. All the parents have remarked on her improvement. Thank you so much for your expertise in training her!

Dave and Vesna


Hello Sonya,

I just wanted to give you a testimony regarding your training.

I’m 34 years old, and took your class. It’s the first powerskating of any kind that I have ever taken. The first time that I played in a game after the classes was amazing. My balance was great, my speed has increased, and the best of all, my confidence level in my game has gone up drastically. These classes are for players of any age.

Thanks for your training and helping others better their game.




Thank you very much for hold the skating camp at Lakeland. The parents, kids, and I truly appreciated it.




For all you older players out there wanting to improve your skating, take a course with Sonya !

If you are a little hesitant about skating with the 10 and up group, don’t be. Sonya and Jennifer gear their instruction to include all members on the ice, and make time for everyone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was, and you will benefit greatly !

As a 38 year old male attending one of your week long camps with Junior members, I was no doubt a little skeptical. But after that first day of drills, making it through one week was monumental for me personally ! I’m going to continue what I learned whenever I hit the ice.

I want express my utmost grattitude to you and Jennifer for your training and tips. It is true what you said, the little things that we tend to overlook do make differences.

I am attacking the ice with more confidence than ever before. Your specific drills have taken my skating ability to a much higher level.

I am hoping to return for camps to continue to develop my skating ability.

You and your organization are by far, the class of the field.

Thank you again!

Simon Jagassar
Toronto, Ontario


My son, Travis Donohue, from the Bantam Dallas Ice Hawks had such a wonderful experience this weekend at your camp. He was extremely challenged and enjoyed trying new drills. He was just beaming after being recognized for his effort and your stick has not left his side. The experience was priceless and he�s already talking about continuing to improve so he can show you next year.

Thanks again � what you do is very special,

Carol Donohue



On behalf of Regan and myself thank-you. Your programs have provided my little guy with the confidence and abilities to excel at the wonderful game of hockey. Your no nonsense skating drills with little down time are great at developing all aspects of stride and edge control. He truly looks forward to your program because he knows how much proper skating technique gives him an advantage over other players. I compare your programs to vegetables. You didn’t like them when you were little, but later in life you realized how important they are. My next little guy, Rowan will soon be following in big brothers footsteps… or should I say skates,… in your programs.

Andrew & Regan Kimens


Hi Sonya,

Here are the pictures I took today. The group pictures turned out well! If you have any problems with them, let me know. (picture here)

Thank you, again for your time today. It meant more than you could know to these kids and their coaches! You are patient and kind, but boy those kids learn a lot! Your knowledge and talent are second to none. Thank you!

Annie really loved having you there, she has moments when she wishes there was another girl on the ice with her! She loves to learn and is like a sponge when there is someone willing to teach her new things! A huge thank you from her!

If you are in the area in the summer, please let us know! We would love to have you do a session with these kids again. They are already asking when you are coming back again. We’d love to have you!

Hope your drive back was safe and enjoyable!

Thanks again,

Henry and Alison Blanchard
Bracebridge Bears Pee Wee Reps


Dear Sonya,

We want to thank you.

My son, Brandon, played select for 3 years and could never crack the rep A squad in Caledon 2 years ago I enlisted him in your power skating courses and Spring tryout camp and he made the squad with ease, was called up numerous times to the AA squad, and finished up the season as one of the top players on the team.

Brandon was so pleased with his developement that he asked that I enroll him in your camp once again. We just found out last night that he made the AAA squad in Brampton. Thanks and you can bet we will see you in the future.

Jim Carroll


Hi Sonya

Well, you can add Liam to your long list of success stories.. Last weekend Liam made the AAA major atom Halton Hurricanes, a formidable team that ranked very high last year

The second tryout involved all technical skating drills for 90 minutes and I think that was the point when Liam became a strong contender to make the final cut. There is no doubt that his proficiency in the technical skating was enhanced by your school.